The Harvest Part………2018 newsletter 1

The Harvest Part…

Our name, Harper’s Harvest, suggests that our products are connected to each season and the fresh local organic offerings of Northern California. This is absolutely true and it took me it took me a couple of years to get the harvest schedule down. When do pears get picked? Apricots?

Since it took me so long to figure it out, I thought it a good idea to help you! We want you to know when your favorite item is available to order so you can stock up! Our products have a shelf life of approximately one year without opening. Once opened, refrigerate.

Disclaimer – although these fruits may be available outside the time frames listed, these are the times in which we make our associated products. It is the time in which we find the best organic, local produce.

When the Products are Made

We try to make more than is required during the harvest season of our ingredients to last as much of the year as possible for your ordering pleasure. However, due to our increasing wholesale orders for wineries and stores in the northern California area, we recommend getting it while its hot!

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Where to Get Your Jam On…

Find us, we have a spoon with your name on it!

2017 EVENTS –
Crafty Chicks Roadshow – April 21st Calaveras County Fairgrounds.
Pear Fair! – July 29th – Courtland CA
Stay tuned for more events……..on our website events page

NEW Locations

REMINDER – Harper’s Harvest is still available to Farm Fresh to you members. If you like our products let them know, include a jar of Black and Straw or PineGerine in your next membership box.

Please support these fine establishments…they have items I may no longer have in stock!


  • Plymouth Vintage Store Plymouth, CA
  • IGA Payless Pioneer CA – has the last of our Black & Straw until 2018!