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Harper’s Harvest gets Organic Certification!

We did it! Strawberry Rosemary and Strawberry Mojito are certified organic by the CCOF ! This means we can have the word organic in the front panel and the USDA Organic logo on the labels too.

This is a very exciting time for our small and growing company. This was a big step.  Thank you to Ellen and Merrilee at Preserve Farm Kitchens for filing the paperwork and guiding me through the process, to Tania von Allmen, The Symbolist for the label work and to LabelArt of Oakland for their excellent work and assistance. This is my team and I couldn’t do this without them.

I am attaching the label proofs so you can see the results of all the hard work put in by this team of awesome folks.

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Sheryl and Wiley



Organic Certification

Well, we have arrived. For those of you watching the business growing pains, joys and accomplishments…..we are submitting two products to the CCOF for Organic Certification. (If you are only interested in the new season and products skip to next section).

What does this mean? it means we will get to put the word “ORGANIC” on the front label, use the USDA ORGANIC logo and the CCOF organic logo. This will help market the products as the organic items they are! It has taken quite a bit of effort to create the labels to be submitted for review to meet the certification requirements and we are still waiting. Gratitude goes out to Preserve Farm Kitchens for filing all the paperwork and walking me through the process and to (aka Tania von Allmen, The Symbolist for her graphic’s expertise and patience with little details.

I have paid the shortcut fees to speed up the certification process – we are doing the Napa Home Show April 28-30. I need these products run, labeled and ready to sell by no later than April 27th. The paperwork has been submitted to CCOF, then we wait. Meanwhile I have sent the labels to the printer, with a hope and a prayer they will be approved as is.  Once CCOF gives it’s blessing I will give final approval to printer, who will print labels. Then to the production, co-packer, who will make the product and label the jars. whew. Who knew jam could be so darn stressful! As usual jam fans I am in over my head, out on a limb and winging it with a hope and a prayer. Choose your metaphor.

In the meantime, the exciting news is that it is BERRY SEASON!  Yes, the local organic Strawberries have started to appear. This means that the two items that are we attempting to certify are the 1st Place Strawberry Mojito and 2nd place Strawberry Rosemary jams. I currently have a limited amount in stock due to making the test batches, so i could send my formula to the co-packer.

In short I now have a limited supply of Strawberry Mojito and Strawberry Rosemary in stock, with a lot more to come.

We are now on the shelves of The Sutter Creek Cheese Shop and Le Moulet Rouge Winery in Sutter Creek. And as always find us in Pioneer at the IGA Payless, in the produce section and on their peanut butter isle.

We are very grateful for your continued interest in our growing business.

With Gratitude,

Sheryl & Wiley

Upcoming 2017 Event booths


As always we want to make ourselves and our awesome products easy to find. They are always available here for your shopping pleasure. However, some of you are in search of the personal touch with tasting spoons!  We are setting our 2017 appearances.

Napa Solona Home and Garden Show, Napa Expo in Napa CA April 28-30. We are in the Chardonnay building and as always

Pear Fair! Courtland CA July 30th (last Sunday of July).

We always look forward to seeing you. We have reserved a tasting spoon with your name on it!

See you soon.