October Newsletter – Jambassador Annual Arrival!

Howdy, Jam Fans!!
Happy Fall…

We would like to thank you for your patience as we grow and change. Many exciting things have happened since we last chatted.
So let’s get started! 

We have hired someone to do the thing you request of me ALL the time:
Marigold Sues will be creating and writing up recipes! Yes! Now you really can look like a gourmet chef and we’ll do all the work!  She is using our products to create easy to use, step by step instructions on how to create things like Apple Mandarin Chutney Cheese Bites – I think that’s what she called them.
Watch for our next newsletter……..
There will be pictures and everything! I’m so excited!
Now…onto the things available for you to Enjoy, Gift, Cook and use to Impress your friends and family…

It is the awesome time of year when we have “Harvest Overlap/Leftovers”. This means we have Pear, Berry and Mandarin product lines available.
*But not for long!!!!

BERRIES are going out of season and we are using what we have left to produce our “Jambasador Packs” (more later on this). Hence, the full size jars of Black & StrawStrawberry Citrus BasilStrawberry Mojito and Strawberry Rosemary in inventory are all we have until the 2019 harvest season.
*If you want these, snag ’em now!!!!

We also still have limited amounts of Pear products (Ginger PearPear ChutneyVanilla Pear, Pear Fruit Spread).

You have spoken and the winner of
most popular pear product is…

(drum roll please)…

Caramel Spice Pear Fruit Spread! 
It is, after all, “Thanksgiving-on-a-Spoon”. So this is the one pear product we will attempt to produce as much as possible before we can no longer get pears. (Consider it our attempt to keep the Caramel Spice Pear available as far into your holiday season as we can).
The remaining pear products will not be replenished as we move into Mandarin/Apple Season.
You can find them again in July 2019.

Upcoming Products:

Mandarin Apple Fruit SpreadPineGerine, and Apple Mandarin Chutney.

We are in mandarin acquisition mode, having stalked the grower. I was able to get some early harvest Mandarins to get started on your Fall Faves! These should hit the website and our booths, starting Nov 10th in Valley Springs.
(see below for list of upcoming events

Speaking of Fall Faves,
  JAMbassador gift packsare here! 
Get yours NOW on our website, they sell out fast once they hit the booth/events!We have the Berry Packs all packed up and ready to go for your holiday shopping and gift giving. These are packs of 4-5 jars, each in a 2 oz size.
Berry Pack will include all 4 of your ” berry” favorite items
(see the pun there?) and is only $15.

Our Blue Ribbon Pack will include 4 of your favorite Blue Ribbon-winning flavors and
is also only $15. We have included our newest 2018 winner, Strawberry Citrus Basil. Head over to the web site for other ribbon winners………!

Our Pear Pack, (wait for it)…
…includes ALL FIVE of your favorite pear products – so nothing gets left out.
These sell for just $20!

Perfectly priced for those, “what the heck do I get my hairdresser/postman/kid’s teacher?”  moments. 

Remember: We love playing Santa and helping you get through this season with as much ease as possible. We drop ship, AND we gift wrap!  Give us another week to get the rest of the “Jambassadors” packed in their respective boxes and get the website updated so you can shop and ship!
And in other VERY exciting news……

We have been picked up by a new winery! Lavender Ridge, in Murphy’s. 
and by Cheese Central in Lodi!
This means we are now available in 8 Northern CA stores and wineries!

We are also proud to announce that we are now served at Rest Hotel, in Plymouthas well as being newly featured in the wonderful food creations of Farmland Street
(A local Food Truck that serves Crepes and Pies!)
…Speaking of pie…their recent order of Caramel Spiced Pear Fruit Spread will be featured in their Caramel Spiced Pear Cranberry Pie – and boy are our mouths WATERING!

We are always happy to hear about your favorite winery that enjoys/focuses on food pairings. You can let us know here! Now that we have a polished, professional brochure (and help), I can get out and stalk them properly.


Upcoming Events (and opportunities to taste and finish your holiday shopping):


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