New favorite!

The Harper’s Harvest fans have spoken and we have a new favorite. Mandarin apple butter has far surpassed Pine Gerine in your cupboards. This new product is a classic apple butter with mandarin and ginger in it. It is excellent on ice cream, pork chops, pork roast, pancakes and darn it,  just on a spoon. It is such a favorite that we are currently down to two remaining cases that’s less than 24 jars. Order yours now. We do still have the California State Fair Blue Ribbon winning Pine Gerine our Pineapple Mandarin Jam. Also excellent on pork, chicken, salmon, pancakes, waffles and cookies. Our items are excellent in baking. We recently had a chef add one of our products to whipping cream and put it as a filler for a cake. Scrump-dilly-icious folks.  All of you Baker’s now have a brand new unique product with which to create your recipes

Although some of the stores that we are offering our product to are selling us at $12 a jar you can still get our products here on our website at $10 per jar for our organic items and $8 per jar for are non organic items. Shop local! Shop The Source! Shop now! Free shipping on anything over $40