Get Jammin!

Have you ever wanted to can your own jam? I wanted to for years and just never did it. Until one day I decided to just try. It has been a learning process and the biggest challenge I had in the beginning was getting it to “set”. Some of it would come out loose and syrup-like. I would hand a jar to someone and say “it’s good on ice cream – it’s loose but it tastes good”.

Over the years I have learn some great things that help jam to set properly and not to foam. I thought I might take a minute and share some of them here. Provide a new reason for you to follow my blog – tips!

So – the best way to keep jam from foaming is to add a pat or two of butter to the pot of fruit. This immediately stops the foaming.

And some of the tricks to getting jam to set are sugar and acid balance. Pectin (a thickening agent) is naturally occurring in most fruit, but depending on the type of fruit and the ripeness of the fruit it can vary. Oddly enough, the riper the fruit, the less pectin in it.

So, if the pot is not getting thicker after 10-15 minutes, having added pectin packet, it needs more sugar or more lemon juice.

Which do you ask? To be honest I am not yet sure how I know this………stay tuned – I too am still learning.

The point is don’t be afraid to try! It is fun.

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