2018 Events Newsletter

2018 Events! Harper’s Harvest is very excited to start our 2018 event appearances… We have fresh PineGerine and Mandarin Apple Butter and cannot wait for the local berries to hit the scene. If you are searching for your… Read More

The Harvest Part………2018 newsletter 1

The Harvest Part… Our name, Harper’s Harvest, suggests that our products are connected to each season and the fresh local organic offerings of Northern California. This is absolutely true and it took me it took me a couple… Read More

3-2-1 Get your Jam on!

3,2,1… Get Your JAM ON! ———————————————————— Our much anticipated JAMbassador Gift Packs are loaded up onto the sleigh (um… website) and ready for you to make your list and start checking it off. Choose from our Berry Sampler,… Read More